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A short summary of wheels and dimensions to compare which models are interchangable.
E32 and E34 wheels are excactly the same. Same offset (ET) and size. As far as I know, all dimensions approved by BMW fit both cars, maybe with exception of the 10x17" which may only fit the rear E32. Probably fit E34, but may need to trim the fender.
E32/E34 original 15" have ET20 (offset 20mm).
E36 and E46s have ET in the range from 35 to 48mm.
E32, E34 and E36 have a center hub opening of 73.6mm, while the newer E39 have 74.1mm. Be sure you have the right spacer if you buy wheels that are compatible with newer BMWs for use on older BMWs.
If you're curious about what offset (ET) is, and what all these numbers mean, you can check out this excellent webpage on the topic. 
Article under construction... More to follow.
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What's happening

Currently I'm in the process of tuning up the ignition system by replacing the distributor caps and rotors, plugs and plugwires.

The reason for this is that I discovered the drivers side coil-distributor cable had a nasty cut in it due to the cable strip BMW has used to hold it in place with a hose. This caused sparking to nearby ground and almost made the plastic in that area melt away.


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