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The WDS, Wiring Diagram System, consists of a collection of all electrical wiring and component locations for the following vehicles;

  • E38 since 3/94
  • E39 since 12/95
  • E46
  • E53
  • E54
  • E60/61
  • E63/64
  • E65/66
  • E83
  • E85
  • E87
  • E90

It runs of a CD- or DVD-ROM and just requires the SVG-viewer to be installed. It's included on the CD/DVD. It should autostart and display some general information using your Internet Explorer on Windows. Might work on Mac's as well. I haven't checked the details. Anyways it should run fine under an emulator on Mac OS X, such as VMware Fusion, Parallels Desktop or Suns free emulator.

Now available the WDS 7.0 both in English only (547MB) or multi-language (approx 2GB). This is the 2005 3rd issue discs. The multi-language edition is not yet ready, but will be soon.

Again, I recommend using Daemon Tools and just mounting the image as a drive without the need to burn it. Of course it's no problem to burn it to a CD/DVD if you prefer so. Read more about this in the ETK and TIS article.

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