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Wiring diagrams

After a hectic easter I've again started on adding information to this site.

This time I've started work on making all the electrical wiring diagrams that I've collected over the years available here.

As always, it's not a complete set and a work in progress. But so far I've added E30, E31, E32 and E34 wiring diagrams for mostly US vehicles. I would love to have some European wiring diagrams available as well. For instance the US diagrams are missing rear fog lights, but have side marker lights which we don't have in Europe.

You'll find all the diagrams compiled into various DIY-articles under their respective categories. Click on DIY on the left menu and then select which series you want to view articles for. Look for Wiring diagrams.

Also note that you'll get access to many more usefull documents if you register and login. For instance EBA's and ETK and TIS information. These are all located under the DIY section.

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What's happening

A few more EBA articles have been added to the archive.

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