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Trailer Connector

Trailer hitch connector pinout can be one of two types. 7 or 13 pin. The latter is the more modern that also provides supply voltage to the trailer at all times. +12 volts with the cars ignition off.

7-pin trailer connector pinout

Trailer connector seen from users side

The above illustration shows how the connector looks like when you're standing behind the vehicle and want to connect something into the connector. Here's how it's wired up:

Pin Function Rameder wire color BMW original wire color 
1 (L) Left Indicator Black / White 
2 (54G)* Foglight from vehicle Grey 
3 (31) Grounding White / Brown
4 (R) Right Indicator Black / Green 
5 (58R) Right Tail Light Grey / Red 
6 (54) Brake Lights Black / Red 
7 (58L) Left Tail Lights Grey / Black 
8 (58b)* Foglights to vehicle Grey / White 








*) The vehicles foglight circuit is cut and goes through this connector. The function of this is that when a trailer is hooked up the foglights on the vehicle don't work, but just on the trailer. When the trailer is disconnected pin 2 (54G) and 8 (58b) are connected so that the vehicles rear foglights work as usual.


13-pin trailer connector pinout

.... illustration and text to follow shortly

The Rameder kit requries that the indicator light wires and rear foglight wires are cut near the light assembly. The kit then connects between here, and also splices into the left brake light and suggest a link between the rear foglights so that both work when no trailer is connected.

I've not found the rear foglight wiring schematics yet so I'm not sure how it's wired up and if it can sustain two bulb on the same circuit (if there's two separate circuits).

I'm also considering hooking into the side marker lights instead of the park lights wiring since the side markers aren't connected through the LKM and checked for faulty bulbs. Since my car also is a European model it doesn't have the side markers so the circuit should provide power enough.

Finally the kit hooks up to ground and +B via two fuses. I intend to hook this up to my trunk battery since it's easy to get at and the whole circuit is 2x 10A.

This all refers to Rameder kit UE0005. The kit consists of:

  • 8-way connector wire strand with rubber booth for fitting in original trunk floor
  • Trailer connector and seal
  • 3 screws M5x35
  • 5 splice connectors
  • 5 nuts M5
  • 2 self-tapping screws
  • 2 screws M5x10
  • 12 shoe connectors
  • 1 light module
  • 1 trailer module
  • 2 fuse holders
  • 2 10A fuses
  • 6 wire straps
  • 6 crimp hoses 2cm (0.75")


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