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This article lists all part numbers for electronic devices in my '89 750iAL.

 The list will be updated continously as I work my way through all the electronics of the vehicle.

Left front strut tower / fender

  • (Red relay) SRM / Headlight cleaning system
  • (Yellow relay) AC fan high speed relay
  • (Grey relay) AC fan low speed relay
  • (Brown relay) Unknown function
  • (Orange) Crash sensor

Ignition coils



  • 01.20.468.032 14V 25/140A

DK motors

  • 1.733.024


  • 1.723.468 / 464 Behr (21.722.01.003)

Right front strut tower / fender

  • (Orange relay)
  • (White relays) 2x fuel pump relays
  • 17.25.654 (Black relays) 2x Engine control relays
  • (Orange) Crash sensor

Engine management box

  • 2x Motronic (17229708 002 810)
  • EML (1725388 078 228990800)

Drivers side kick panel

  • 11.34.316.7038.900 142 Servotronic control unit
  • AC lock-up sensor
  • (Yellow relay) AC compressor relay


  • 0 132 800 001 Stepmotors / Flap controls

Right rear seat cover

  • Electronic Damper Control unit (20 43 85 001 001)
  • / 755 12V 85Ah original battery


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What's happening

Currently I'm in the process of tuning up the ignition system by replacing the distributor caps and rotors, plugs and plugwires.

The reason for this is that I discovered the drivers side coil-distributor cable had a nasty cut in it due to the cable strip BMW has used to hold it in place with a hose. This caused sparking to nearby ground and almost made the plastic in that area melt away.


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