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GAT in Gladbreck, Germany makes a system to make vehicles conform to EURO-2/3/4 standards for lower emission during the cold startup process.

The system consists of a control unit

EGS 05.005 for BMW 750 (E32)

an air valve that controls extra air flow to the inlet manifolds (or DK's on the BMW V12's)


and hooks up to the engines water temperatur sensor, O2-sensor (lambda) and ignition coil connector # 15.

DSC00603 DSC00600

You can read more about the system on GAT's homepage (link to PDF-document).

The control unit has 12-pin connector which consist of the following pin-out:

pin # Function Wire color 
 1N/C N/A 
 2N/C N/A 
 5O2-sensor signal Black 
 6+B when running Red 
 7N/C N/A 
 8Air valve opener Red 
 9N/C N/A 
10 Engine water temperatur Blue 
11 N/C N/A 
12 Grounding Brown 










*N/C refers to "not connected", and N/A refers to "not available".

Pin 6 is connected to the ignition coil connector #15 which provides +12V when the engine is running.
Pin 12 is the corresponding grounding point for the system control unit.

The device receives input from the water temperature sensor on pin 10, and O2-signal on pin 5.

This allows the device to control the opening of the air valve to the inlet manifold by grounding output pin 8 when needed. The other wire to the air valve is connected to +B via the orange wire which is connected to the red wire (+B when running) on pin 6.

The air valve is connected to a short hose with a small air filter on the end, and the other side of the valve hooks up to a Y-joint that connects to the V12's DK motors.

The EGS unit in my car seems to be the wrong model as well. If you check the above link to GAT's homepage you'll see another model listed. This may be because they've made an updated version, or someone fitted the wrong unit to my vehicle.


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