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Haven't spent much time on the E32 or E34 lately, but today I got out in the garage and made some space and got up some shelfes which cleared precious floor and work space.
At the same time I did a quick tour of my E32 and noted down part numbers for various relays and modules. 
Mostly this is just for my own reference;
Left strut relay box
Red Relay, (Headlight Cleaning System)
Yellow Relay, (Hight Speed AC/Aux fan)
Grey Relay, (Low Speed AC/Aux fan)
Brown Relay, (Two-pole, Make Contact, not figured out what it controls yet...)

Ignition Coils
Crash Sensors
Alternator 01.20.468.032 (14V 25A/140A)
DK motors 1.733.024
Radiator w/Oil Cooler 1.723.468/464 (Behr) 21.722.01.003
Right strut relay box
Orange Relay, 0 33 201 44 56 (O2 sensor Heater Relay)
White Relays (2), (Make Contact - Motronic power)
Black Relays (2), 17.25.654 (Fuel Pumps)
Electronics Box 
Motronics (2) (17229708 002 810)
EML (1725388 078 / 228990800)
Left kick panel 
Servotronic (.900 142)
AC Lock Sensor (2)
Yellow Relay, 301 (AC Compressor)
Stepper/Flap motors 0.132.800.001
Under rear right seat 
EDC control unit (20 43 85 001 001)
Battery (Sach-nr
Height of battery is 175mm 
I'll update the list with descriptions for all devices.
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Today I test-drove the 535 and made sure everything was fine. Fixed the exhaust and trailer problem where the exhaust would rattle against the trailer bars making for a bit too much unpleasant sound. I wrapped 3 trailer straps around the muffler in the correct area so that those will keep the muffler from rattling against the trailer bars.


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