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Making new software available
Today I test-drove the 535 and made sure everything was fine. Fixed the exhaust and trailer problem where the exhaust would rattle against the trailer bars making for a bit too much unpleasant sound. I wrapped 3 trailer straps around the muffler in the correct area so that those will keep the muffler from rattling against the trailer bars.

Had some time to take a picture when I was done as well showing both BMWs in the garage.

I am also making the URK, TIS, ETK and other good to have software available these days. You will find the in the usual software area when you are logged in. The larger files are split into 20MB pieces using 7-zip.

I plan to make the GT1 VMware images I made available too, so that it will be much easier for others to get it running, even though a fellow BMW enthusiast has made some excellent guides to make it work. One will be a bare-bone GT1 base system, the others will include DIS Progman, TIS and CIP. Check out for a great forum to learn more about these systems.

But be a bit patient as I have limit time and bandwidth to upload these images, but they are coming as soon as I can make them available. Hope you will enjoy them!
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What's happening

Currently I'm in the process of tuning up the ignition system by replacing the distributor caps and rotors, plugs and plugwires.

The reason for this is that I discovered the drivers side coil-distributor cable had a nasty cut in it due to the cable strip BMW has used to hold it in place with a hose. This caused sparking to nearby ground and almost made the plastic in that area melt away.


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